How to Make the Dinosaur Bento Box from Everyday Bento

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Make an Autumn Bento Box from Everyday Bento

Learn to Make the “Under the Big Top” Bento from Everyday Bento

Step by step instructions showing how to make the “Under the Big Top” bento box from Everyday Bento:

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Beautiful Lunches Inspired by Everyday Bento

Everyday Bento: 50 Cute and Yummy Lunches to Go was released on Tuesday and it’s been really exciting to get messages from people who have received their books! My favorite part of all is seeing photos of lunches inspired by the book. The three lunch packers below pulled bits and pieces from different chapters to make their own unique lunches:

hey jen renee combined elements from multiple lunches in Everyday Bento  to make this sweet bento box for her daughter

Jen from hey jen renee made this sweet lunch for her daughter by combining the strawberry hearts from Lovey-Dovey Lunch (p. 74) with the flat bread and deli meat cut-outs from the Cat and Mouse Bento (p. 54). I like the little hearts between the dogs!

Maker Mama made her own lunch using the roll-ups recipe in Everyday Bento

Amy from Maker Mama made this lunch for herself. She filled one layer of her tiffin with veggie pinwheels (p. 108) and then packed the rest with colorful veggies, fruit and nuts. Her silicone cups were all in her kids’ lunch boxes, so she improvised separators with parchment paper (genius!). And instead of using picks or cookie cutters, she let the beautiful colors of the produce act as decoration. Gorgeous!

Feeling a Little Lunchy made this cute lunch inspired by Everyday Bento

Finally, Erin at Feeling a Little Lunchy made this darling version of the On the Farm lunch (p. 50). Her egg “chicken” and the pig sandwich are just like the ones in the book and she also incorporated the clementine flower from the Flower Bouquet Bento Box (p. 78). Hecka cute!

Have you made a lunch inspired by Everyday Bento? I’d love to feature it here! Leave a link to your blog post down below, or email me the photo along with your name. I’ll post as many photos as I can!

Learn to Make the Space Bento Box from Everyday Bento

Step by step instructions to make the Space Bento Box from the book (p. 34):

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